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and the rest of us will keep praying for her sending positive energy her way so that she gets stronger and can fight this cancer head on....tell your mom she owes me a "girls afternoon" with pedicure and shopping.

Lori Lober

We're fighting with you in spirit, Yolanda!!! Every step of the way!!


yolanda, i love you, my friend!!!!
as soon as I am well enough to come visit (even if it's just to hug you and sew on labels for your quilts)
you are always in my heart and prayers.


Tell your mom that me and my staff are still praying for her and I miss her here at work.



Thank you again for all the details, Mike. Yolanda, there is a quilt waiting at your place waiting to be given to Izzy, so I'm so glad to hear you are out of the ICU and can have young family members visiting you until you get home. Glad to see Gavin w/ his grama!


We keep Yolanda in our daily prayers...

Kristeen Espinoza

Dear Yolanda,

I continue to pray for your complete recovery and confident that the Lord will do this. I am also praying that God will use this trial for His Complete glory. Keep up the good fight!! Kristeen

Evie Allen

Dear Yolanda,
You are in my thoughts and prayers. We have a small group that meets in our home a few times a month and I will ask them to pray as well. Remember Jeremiah 29:11, 12 - a promise to rest on.


Amazing journey you're all on - the Lord Jesus give you peace and strength!
Yolanda we're praying He removes all pain - and rest well!


mike - any update?

Priscilla Christian

Thoughts and prayers continue for you all. I will see you next week. I admire both you and Chris for all you do for your mom.

Kari Schumaker

I will be praying for you all. Please give Yolanda my best and let her know that I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know and work with her. Continue to remember what is true, remember the Lord and His word. May He comfort you with His great love and give you strength.

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