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If I can help you in any way, please call. 714-642-5603.


We will keep praying :)

Pearl Burgat

Dear dear Mike what a son!!!. Yolanda you must be proud of him. What a great job you did raising this young man. Now for you dear neighbour we pray daily and often throughout the day for you and Chris and the whole family. Times are often hard but God is in control. We so often wonder why and we must just say it is in His plan. I know He loves you and know how much you need Him. He is there and very close to you. Keep leaning on Him.
God loves you and so does Roger and me

Joseph Edwards

Good evening Mike,

I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, however I have had the distinct pleasure of working with your Mother. From everything I have read, you are such a special son and it is clear that she is very proud of you as are we. While I was at the County, Yolanda meant so much to our team as one of my trusted managers and was a glowing example of unconditional caring and dedication to others. She is in our prayers dally along with you and your family knowing that prayers are heard and answered. You have our support and hope for steady improvement to allow for a complete recovery. Look forward to seeing you both very soon!

Best regards and God bless!

Joseph Edwards

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