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I'm so sorry, Mike. I am currently staying away as I am fighting a chest cold, but you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Give your mom a gentle hug for me.


Sorry to hear that.
I will continue to pray for you. You're strong, I know you will make it through and get well soon.


Yolanda, getting your voice back is wonderful news to me! I am planning another trip to So Cal (to sell my house) and hope you will want to have a visit. I will be down Friday October 12th til Monday October 16th. hugs - Alison

Priscilla Christian

It was so wonderful to see you today! Sitting up, talking and eating. I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea you need to rest, get strong and not do too much but you have greatly improved even though you may not feel like it. I will see you very soon again.

Lori Lober

Sending much love today and lots of strength your way...xoxo

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